Dear young musicians of Posticum orchestra!

At a time like this, music is more important than words. Yet I want to welcome you to Oradea in a couple of words, and briefly present what awaits you in the next few days.

Firstly, a lot of work. We came here not only for fun but to learn too, therefore we have to set a few goals so that our work will be effective and entartaining at the same time.
Music can give us twice the experience, if we let it lead us. What does this mean? Is there a technique which can help us achieve this?

Music becomes more powerful as we become one with it, and to achieve this we have to find the gates leading to it. You may think that the key which can open these gates is our own emotional ability. But without other powers to aid us, they won’t or just barely open up.

One of the keys is to observe (and thus dominate) our own behavior during performances. The effect of the music is richer if our body merges whit it creating the desired “life-beat”. If it’s true that music is the mirror of the human soul we must do everything possible so that our souls can meet on the basic level of music, harmony, and rhythm.

Besides emotion which are the forces on which each of us can rely?

Sight and hearing are foremost. These are followed by our ability to transform our feelings into movement. At this point we are facing a miracle: music is movement!

And what are the conditions of movement?

Breathing... a vital source of energy. There is no life without breathing!

Therefore I am asking you all to try and amalgamate these elements. This way you will have an invincible weapon in your hands which will help you overcome uncertainty and fear. If a musician makes a mistake, but continues to breathe, and lets its motion take over, it will not only be easier to carry on with the piece, but the mistake itself will seem less important.


If we learn to implement these principles to the most important moments of the performance, we will be able to defeat motionless, banality, and stiffness, the main enemies of music. To achieve spontaneity takes a great effort! We came here to try and achieve it.
I wish music will give you a lot of memorable experiences and a lot of fun.