Openness and passion – music serving as a way of becoming humane

The members of the Orchestra Posticum Iuventutis Internationalis, including Romanian, Hungarian students, with an addition of several Czech, Slovak and Italian ones were getting ready for the European concert tour at Posticum, Oradea, Romania. The students were welcome by Bela Csernak who emphasized that the institution giving home to the rehearsals is a symbol of the future, because being aware of its Catholic identity it serves universality. Bela Csernak being both, president of the association and a protestant pastor, is an eloquent example of this ideal. Universality is becoming a more urgent need, because isolation gets more dramatic in many countries. Although the geographical boundaries are gradually disappearing in Europe, paralel to this very often new walls rise between different ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Breaking down these walls built around the human soul is as big a task as changing political or economical systems. The fundamental objectives of Posticum are aiming at reaching this goal; Posticum wants to be the birthplace of projects like the Orchestra.

Posticum’s leadership has had the opportunity to meet with the project’s leading personality conductor Petr Zejfart during a break of a rehearsal. He thinks that openness and passion are the most important elements in the service of music.

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Dr. Istvan Bruncsak, Bihari Naplo, 14. september 2010.

Students from six countries speaking about true values in the language of music

A special cultural event took place in Oradea on September 14th Tuesday 19 pm. The International Youth Orchestra of Posticum (Orchestra POSTICUM Iuventutis Internationalis) held a nearly two-hour long concert in the hall of the Roman Catholic Bishop’s Palace.

The concert was characterized by professionally high standards as well as by an inspiring example of international collaboration. Forty young musicians from six countries provided the inhabitants of Oradea with spiritual guidance towards true human values, which was not only refreshing at the beginning of the autumn concert season but also set an example to us as culture is being increasingly forgotten in these times of crisis.

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Gabor Toth,, 2010. September 17.

Unforgettable experience provided by a concert in Alsóváros

Szeged was one of the venues for this year’s concerts of the International Youth Orchestra’s annual tour– the young musicians gave an amazing concert on the 15th of September in the Franciscan church.

The Youth Orchestra was founded last year by the Szeged University „Vántus István” Teacher Training Secondary School of Music and Youth Center Posticum in Oradea. The project was initiated by Istvan Ujvari, director of the above mentioned secondary school and Petr Zejfart, early music specialist.

There is nothing more wonderful than music creating the harmony which every so often politics can not: bringing nations together. (Excerpt)

Ilona Toth, Szeged – University of Szeged, 2010. September 27.

Music brings nations together

The international youth orchestra of Posticum gave an uplifting concert on September 19th, Sunday, late afternoon, at the Swiss Appenzell parish church of St. Mauritius. The sound of the violins, violas and cellos rose with youthful lightness to the heights of the parish’s heavenly rose paitings. Amédé Grab, retired bishop of Chur, former president of the European Catholic Episcopacy in his speech talked about Posticum, brotherhood, the enthusiasm of young musicians and the friendship between nations. “Music is the international language of the heart, the language of hope and faith.” With these words he gave his blessing to everyone present.

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Monica Dorig, Appenzeller Volksfreund, 2010. September 21.