Francesca Cassinari

Francesca Cassinari born in Parma in 1977, studied at Conservatorio G. B. Martini in Bologna, then at Conservatorio A. Boito (Parma) under the supervision of M.C.Curti. She graduated in 2004 in singing and achieved the 'academic diploma' (2nd level), with a specialisation in baroque singing, obtaining a first class degree (10/10 cum laude) in 2006. In 2008 she obtained the Diploma in Chamber Vocal Music, again with a first class mark (10/10 cum laude).

Under the guidance of Gianluca Ferrarini, Maria Cristina Curti and Leonardo Morini, Francesca improved her ancient music expertise, and attended specialisation courses under the direction of Claudio Cavina, Gloria Banditelli, Claudine Ansermet, Patrizia Vaccari.

As a soloist, she has worked, and is currently working with the ensemble La Venexiana directed by Claudio Cavina, with whom she has performed at several Italian and European music festivals (Modena, Cuenca, Madrid, Tours, Varsavia, Graz, Povoa de Varzim, Montpellier, Ginevra, Palma de Mallorca, Roma, Berlin, Basilea, Lyone, Nantes, Bilbao, Lisbona, Utrecht, Bologna, Montecarlo, London, Colonia, Girona, Brugge, Edimburgh). With La Venexiana, Francesca has particularly focussed on a sacred and madrigalistic repertoire (e.g. Gesualdo, Monteverdi), and has recorded Monteverdi's Orfeo and Madrigali (Glossa). Other important collaborations include: the ensemble L'Astrée (Academia Montis Regalis), whith whom she performed Pergolesi's Stabat Mater at Uzes Festival, France; the Capella Reial de Catalunya directed by Jordi Savall, Il Canto di Orfeo directed by Gianluca Capuano (with Capuano, Francesca has recorded oratories by G. Carissimi e L. Rossi); Orfei Farnesiani (with whom she performed at the Cremona Festival of Ancient Music); Il Cantarnovo (has recorded Carissimi's Motets - Tactus); La Risonanza directed by Fabio Bonizzoni; Cantica Symphonia directed by Giuseppe Maletto (recording of Dufay's Isorhythmical Motets - Glossa); La Fonte Musica directed by Michele Pasotti (recording of a cd of 'ars subtilior'); S.D.G. directed by Michele Vannelli; Cappella Musicale of the Duomo di Modena (recording of Orazio Vecchi's Missa in Resurrectione Domini - Tactus); Gambe di Legno Consort directed by Paolo Zuccheri and Francesco Baroni; L'aura soave directed by Diego Cantalupi. Her theatre debut was in 2005, with Giuseppe Nicolini's Il geloso sincerato (under the guidance of Enzo Dara, published by Bongiovanni in 2006, first modern performance, Teatro Municipale, Piacenza, Italy). Francesca also performs in chamber and contemporary repertoires.

In 2003 she obtained a BA degree in 'Communication Sciences' at the Universita of Bologna - Italy. Her Dissertation was 'Broadcasting of classical music in Italian television'.